We Are The Play

28. September 2014 in Berlin

By Sisyphos, der Flugelefant (SdF)

"Wir sind das Volk? ("We are the people?) was the chant of
the protestors on the streets of East Germany. But who was
there when two German states became one? Ms. Müller and
Mr. Meyer? What about Ms. Gül and Mr. Ho? And who counted
as a part of "we??

Enter the world of "We Are the Play?: an interactive, immersive
performance piece exploring the long-overlooked
personal stories of immigrants and Germans of various
descents over the course of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Based
on research and interviews conducted with eyewitnesses, the
duality of the experience of the Fall of the Wall is dissected
as both welcoming and threatening - a collision of celebration
with the anxiety accompanying freedom. The audience
will be both guided and set free to explore those stories on
the site of Berlin Wall Memorial, where they will experience
a playful and interactive journey of the same event, examining
the same questions from different perspectives.

A production by SISYPHOS, DER FLUGELEFANT (SdF) in coproduction
with English Theatre Berlin

International Performing
Arts Center and ehrliche arbeit - freies Kulturbüro.

Quelle: kulturkurier / Kulturclub.de

Wo ist das Event?
Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer
Bernauer Str. 111
13355 Berlin
Wann ist das Event?
Sonntag, 28. September 2014
19:00 Uhr
Seit 2581 Tagen vorbei!


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