The US Embassy Literature Series presents Tom Drury

2. März 2015 in Berlin

The US Embassy Literature Series presents Tom Drury.

Tom Drury reads from his novel The Driftless Area (Das stille Land, Klett-Cotta 2014).

Pierre Hunter's life is saved by a beautiful stranger whose past lives catch up with both of them in a violent and transcendent finale.

"Equal parts heist caper, ghost story, and romance . . . in prose that is spare and sly."-Amy Virshup, The New York Times

"Drury is nothing less than a wizard. . . Not since Twin Peaks has the rural surreal had such an artful airing . . . . Unsettling, ironic, and strangely lovely."-Amanda Heller, The Boston Globe

"[D]eadpan wit, cosmic melancholy, characters both ethereal and down and dirty, predicaments a Beckett character would accept as inevitable, and a porous divide betweeen the living and the dead add up to a delectably unnerving outlaw fairy tale.?-Donna Seaman, Booklist

In cooperation with The American Academy and Klett-Cotta Verlag

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English Theatre Berlin
Fidicinstr. 40
10965 Berlin
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Montag, 2. März 2015
20:00 Uhr
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