A scenic presentation of Berlin Circle

29. August 2014 in Berlin

A scenic presentation of Berlin Circle.

Berlin Circle begins with the Fall of the Berlin Wall on November
9, 1989 at the Berliner Ensemble and ends with a custody
battle over the infant Karl Marx Honecker...

This satirical look at the end of the Cold War through a vaudeville
lens brings together the real figures of Heiner Müller,
Warren Buffet and Erich Honecker with a host of fictional ones
to ask whether this war actually had a victor...

By Charles Mee

Directed by Daniel Brunet

Quelle: kulturkurier / Kulturclub.de

Wo ist das Event?
English Theatre Berlin
Fidicinstr. 40
10965 Berlin
Wann ist das Event?
Freitag, 29. August 2014
20:00 Uhr
Seit 3022 Tagen vorbei!


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